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Apporter une grande exposition de style jardinage en Chine

2010 Shanghai World Expo, the Asian Games colorful, the 2011 World Horticultural Exposition for the world's attention once again focus on China - the ancient city of Xi'an. 2011 West Anyuan Bo will be 28 April to 22 October in Xi'an Chan Ba ​​ecological zone held for a period of 178 days. Outdoor Exhibition Park were set 109, 12 million tourists expected to visit. The exhibition of "Heaven Chang creative nature - the city in harmony with nature" as its theme, with a total area of ​​418 hectares, including water area of ​​188 hectares. Plan to showcase fine art from home and abroad, sculptures and rare birds, rare animals, will allow people to fully enjoy the garden, gardening, architecture, beauty of art. The Fair Park,Shenzhen SECU SCAN to bring metal detector gate 136 sets, 34 sets of X-ray machines, metal detectors and 136 hand-held strong and experienced team of engineering technicians, landing in Xi'an, the three entrances to Fair Park the normal and orderly work of security provides a strong guarantee.


Currently, as of at 17:00 on May 9th 2011, the total number of 56,632 people park in the SECU SCAN to defend the security product world, the security monitoring and efficient error-protection work. Number of senior technical personnel stationed locally to devote himself to the fair security work.


The International Horticultural Exposition, following the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa since, SECU SCAN for the prosperity of the General Assembly to defend another milestone.Shenzhen Security Electronic  Equipment Co., Ltd  with SECU SCAN brand, with its excellent quality, unique and innovative technologies, yet the true personality, cutting-edge features and no lack of heavy move on and create greater glories.